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What in the world are eco friendly flowers.

My 1st blog post....eeek!  

Let's start with a question that I can answer and then a quick little intro at the end.

What happens to plastic and foam flowers when they are no longer useful?  Where do all the out of style silk flowers end up when they are no longer the trend?

Trash cans.  Landfills.  Our oceans.  Everywhere they shouldn't be and will never truly go away.  When I was kid, right up the street was a cemetery, full of well intended artificial flowers.  I would walk and eventually drive past it everyday never thinking twice about the flowers until the first summer storm would blow through. Within minutes of high winds the plastic flowers would blow into the neighbors front pasture where her cows would be blissfully unaware of the chemical filled blooms headed their way.  Where did they end up?  Probably the trash can but either way this story is from 20 years ago and I can assure they are still somewhere to this day. 

The vision behind Mabel Lane Boutique wasn't quite born in those days but it was something I look back on now and realize I am working toward the solution.  Besides gorgeous fresh flowers there is no truly biodegradable faux flower.  Yet.  I am working on it.  In the meantime I use eco friendly materials that can be recycled or even safely biodegrade. 

I don't use styrofoam for pretty obvious reasons and I don't use the normal floral stems with floral tape.  The fake stems aren't recyclable because they are painted or plastic or both and floral tape is full of chemicals (that's what makes it sticky) that aren't good for the environment at all.  Mabel Lane stems are "naked" aluminum wire that is recycled and can be recycled.  Aluminum is the most recycled resource out there with over 80% of aluminum ever created still in use!  

Anyway, I'll save some flower details for a later post and tell you a little bit more about me and my family.  I am a home school mom of 2 teenagers and the wife of an amazing man.  All my flowers until recently were made at the kitchen table.  He would rarely complain about the mess of my business all over the kitchen table.  Not never but rarely.  The kids are used to doing their school work in their "spot" at the table or just another room all together because at least half of the table is taken up with in progress orders.  Finding the kitchen table at dinner time was a whole other feat.  We don't eat in the family room, or an island, only at the table so my poor daughter would eat next to my pile of work.  Thankfully I've been able to start reorganizing and decluttering a separate room in our home so soon I will have my very own work room!

Last but not least in my intro is the name, Mabel Lane Boutique.  There are few reasons for the name Mabel.  #1 my husband's great grandmother was named Mabel and #2 it stands for Mothers Always Bring Extra Love (throwback to the show Mad About You).   As far as "Lane" it is my reminder to stay in my lane.  In business and in life.  We all fall into that trap of trying to do it all and then it all falls apart. 

Well, that's it for my 1st post.  I hope as we go along we can find new ways to create beautiful things from materials that have outlived their original use.  I'll stick to flowers, garlands and finding alternative idea's to create eco friendly event looks.

Leigh Ann

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