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Handmade flowers reimagined for a more sustainable world.

Little blooms headed for big changes in the faux flower industry. We are taking a short break and will be back ing the fall!


Created thoughtfully, designed with intent.

About our Mission

It’s the small touches that pull it all together! I love these forever flowers.


My fiancé and I are separated by the stay at home order but I could at least send her flowers - she loved them!


Second order arrived today... just beautiful. Wonderful and accommodating seller. Thanks for all you do!


The best of both worlds, style and sustainability

Your flowers, made to order.  Never stored in an energy draining warehouse but carefully crafted in the heart of our home, the kitchen table.  Naked stems, pure unadulterated silver aluminum stems.  No sticky, chemical filled floral tape. No plastic petals.  Zero waste but chock full of eco thoughtfulness, stories if the pages could talk and memories yet to be made.